Dr. María Murcia López

Dr. María Murcia López is a user researcher and research scientist on the AR/VR team at Facebook. Prior to joining Facebook she completed a PhD on the effectiveness of training in immersive virtual environments at University College London. With a background in Multimedia Engineering, over the past years her interests have shifted from developing virtual reality experiences to working on novel research methods to evaluate people's responses to this technology. She currently focuses on studying embodiment, social presence and social interactions in virtual reality.

RRS '19 Talk

Out of the ordinary experts workshops

When we usually talk about experts workshop we often refer to very specific people that have been studying a certain topic for years. However, what happens when we expand the lens of what we consider to be an expert and bring together a group or seamlessly unrelated professionals to share their knowledge with a product team?
This is exactly what we experimented with when we invited an architect, a stage designer, a choreographer, a Professor of Human Interaction, and a restaurateur to tackle the question of how to design a VR environment. In this talk we will explore the concept of a multi-disciplinary experts workshop and walk through the results and lessons learned from this project.

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