Shayna Atkins

Shayna Atkins is driving innovation in workforce development and leaving a seat at the table for women in technology. In her role as a product development expert, she has coached and consulted organizations- fortune 100 to startups- in digital transformation. Her product management and design firm, AtkCo, coaches future thinking organizations on how to stay ahead of the curve and set trends in emerging tech. She can be found on Instagram @shaynaatkins

RRS '19 Talk

Beyond the Transformation: Designing for Immersive Tech

Design experts often leverage the best of design thinking, user research, and lean user experience to create products customers love. As emerging technology changes the way consumers use new products, design is shifting. In this talk, we will discuss designing for immersive technology experiencing - think voice, AR/VR and Internet of Things, as well as what happens in the real world when you have a designer, two agilists, a dev team, and external agencies. Lastly, we will discuss trends, what’s next, and best practices that enable organizations to stay ahead of the curve in user experience design.

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