Rock Leung

Rock Leung is a UX Research Lead at Samsung R&D Canada. He has conducted research for both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. He obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction research. His research has been published in prominent scientific journals. Always looking for ways to support the local UX community, he helped found RRS and has been the organizing committee chair for 2018 and 2019.

RRS '19 Talk

MacGyvering your research: When conventional approaches need to be adapted

UX researchers often have to adapt established research methods and practices because of time, resource and organizational constraints. How do these researchers know which “corners” to cut? How do we produce both actionable and valid user insights? In this light-hearted talk, we take inspiration from 80’s action hero MacGyver, known for extensive scientific knowledge, resourcefulness, and ability to find unconventional yet elegant solutions. Reflecting on MacGyver, we identify approaches that we’ve found useful for our UX research practice: Focus on the mission first, method second; Really know your tools; Know your environment and be resourceful; and Be transparent. We then discuss real-world examples from our work and from others.

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