Mandeep Basi

Mandeep Basi is a senior UX researcher at Shopify. She helps design software so that business owners can create first-rate shopping experiences for their customers. Mandeep has a PhD in Anthropology which means that she enjoys all kinds of qualitative research. She is equally at home carrying out ethnographic research in the hospitals of New Delhi or usability testing with remote participants. Mandeep constantly seeks to learn more about the unique ways that humans understand their worlds.

RRS '19 Talk

Going beyond the journey map: sharing research insights with interactive stories

What can you do if you’ve accumulated a considerable set of insights after several rounds of strategic and tactical research for a project?


These findings can have impact, but only if shared with the right people. Workshops or presentations are a powerful means of communicating knowledge, but are not always feasible when you have findings useful for multiple teams. I’ll talk about how I synthesized almost a years’ worth of research into an interactive story.


I created a “choose your own adventure” story because its non-linear form conveyed the experience of our users to colleagues who may lack full context. I’ll provide recommendations on how to synthesize data points from numerous sources. I’ll also give tips on choosing the most appropriate deliverable for your audience. Finally, I’ll provide suggestions on how to collaborate with colleagues to create and share research findings.

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