Lillian Pontius-Goldblatt

Lillian Pontius-Goldblatt is a senior strategist and brand storyteller at Carbone Smolan Agency where she leads brand projects for corporate and cultural clients, as well as the agency’s trend reporting practice. Her brand work aims to unite how organizations operate with how they exist in and respond to the real world. Cutting her teeth in nonprofit and startup organizations, Lillian grounds her work in mission and builds practical solutions for brand and communication challenges.

RRS '19 Talk

Acting on Insight: Using Trend Reporting to Design Meaningful User Experiences

(with Kate Watson)

Trend research is powerful. Understanding how new innovations and cultural expectations can help us design the great experience our users crave.


In this session we will explain our innovation-based trend reporting methodology. Applying this methodology will provide insights into how new products and services are meeting and evolving user expectations. We will apply this methodology to Gensler’s Experience Index to further understand how insights from trends can be applied to design a meaningful experience.


You will walk away with actionable tools to uncover trends and apply them to an experience framework to create impactful user experiences.

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