Eugenia Bertulis

Eugenia started her career in Industrial Design, designing interactions and user experiences for emerging technologies in fields like medical equipment, biotech devices, and consumer electronics. Her professional career includes work for Microsoft, HP, Nike, and P&G. Her research interests include affective design, plasticity, and neo-materialist approaches to ethics in interaction design.

RRS '19 Talk

Practical Ethics for Designers 101

(with Morten Rand-Hendriksen)

The history of moral philosophy has many lessons for design. This talk outlines the three major philosophical movements grounding western ethics and illustrates each with activities designers currently practice. Finally, a fourth approach from economic theory is proposed as additional guidance for designers seeking ways to build good in the world.

1. Utilitarianism and User Testing.
2. Deontology and the Design Brief.
3. Virtue Ethics and Precedent Research.
4. Capabilities Approach and Better Interactions.

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