Ernesto Peña

Ernesto is a professional designer, turned professional educator, turned professional researcher. He holds a Master's degree in Information Design, and a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Education from the University of British Columbia, where he also teaches from time to time. As an independent academic researcher, Ernesto has published about design, media and digital humanities, among other things. He is currently the Director of Research for Charitable Impact, a Fintech startup based here in Vancouver, B.C

RRS '19 Talk

Research and the Liminal Spaces

In this talk, I will use my own experience to talk about the role that interdisciplinarity and jumping outside of your comfort zone brings into research roles. I will relate the experience that I have had as an academic in the private space and starting in UX after 40. I will also talk a bit about the importance of diversity in the conceptualization and design of algorithmic tools. Finally, I will talk about the particularities of UX research in charity and Fintech and the importance of having and becoming a champion for other researchers entering the field and adventuring themselves outside of their own comfort zones.

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