Elynn Lorimer

Elynn is a creative leader and problem solver with over 20 years’ experience working in digital product design and development, working in senior executive roles for large public companies such as Travelocity, Standard Chartered Bank, Bell and Nokia. She is a true believer in placing the user at the heart of the design process and combining art and science to deliver great experiences that deliver business value.

RRS '19 Talk

Human Impact Research: Putting ethics into action

Deceptive design has become mainstream. Too many people are making money from doing the wrong thing, with dire social consequences like fake news and scams. It’s time we do something about it.


In this talk, Elynn will discuss how we need to evolve our usability standards to include human impacts. She believes that ethical design can prevail, and to help us get there, she will share Spatial’s ‘Human Impact Research’ framework for putting ethics into action.

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