Christopher Geison

Chris Geison is a Principal UX Researcher at AnswerLab where he leads the emerging tech practice. He has presented his work at UXRC Strive, UXPA, the VOICE Summit, and to clients in a wide variety of industries. A graduate of Brown University, Chris lives in San Francisco with his wife, their daughter, and an imaginary panther named Winston.

RRS '19 Talk

Conversational Cars and Helpful Homes: Emerging Tech and Context-Driven Design

Emerging technologies are moving us away from interacting with static screens and towards a world where digital experiences are embedded into the fabric of our lives. A.I., voice user interfaces, connected products, robotics, and AR/VR are opening up new use cases and contexts that UX researchers will need to take into consideration. To achieve their promise, these experiences will need to use methods that incorporate the linguistic, social, cultural, psychological, temporal, and—perhaps most importantly—the physical contexts in which they exist.


In this talk, I’ll review the overall trends and challenges of these emerging technologies, the increasing importance of contextual considerations, and some specific frameworks and methods I’ve used for technologies that exist in three dimensions, are highly-personalized, and/or that change over time.

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