Anna Macaranas


Anna is an award-winning researcher and strategist at Digitalist, a customer experience innovation company. Forever curious, she loves diving into a complex problem and understanding the context and factors that bring the team closer to the ideal solution. She’s passionate about helping companies build stronger relationships with their customers through organizational change, internal capability building and inclusive processes.

RRS '19 Talk

More than words: facilitating visual, kinetic and tactile feedback

It is our job as researchers to identify a participant’s dominant mode of expression and to allow them to express themselves in a way that they feel comfortable with. But a lot of moderated methods focus on dialogue or writing, which may not work for those who express themselves best in other ways. Card sorts and usability testing begin to scratch the surface in “show me by doing” but other methods exist to tap into a participant’s creativity and potentially unlock new insights.


In this lightning talk, Anna explores how cultures and industries can give insight on one's dominant mode of expression. She shares three methods that focus on visual, kinetic and tactile modes of expression that researchers can use to spice up their toolkit and be inclusive to a participant’s unique and individual needs.

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